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Freaks. Outcasts. Weirdoes. Losers. There sure are plenty names for your "dregs of society" but I have a new one. Individuals.

What makes these people so different from you? Are they not flesh and blood? Are they not human beings? What makes them so scary to "normal" people and a threat to society?

True, the first impression could lead you to think they are too strange but how do you know how you are seen by others? They fight against pop culture to be who they want to be: themselves. They are not the standard of trendy. They dress how they want to dress and listen to the music they like.

So why do you find them scary? Clothes? Do clothes make a person? They wear what they want to. They donít follow trends but so what! Trends change anyway so why follow them. You should find a look you like and stick with it. It makes sense to me at least. You should wear what looks good on you, not some dumb trend.

Music? So they donít listen to boy bands or Christina Aguilera. They for the most part listen to groups that can play their own instruments. Most listen to various genres of rock and roll. So whatís wrong with that? Nothing!

Another stereotype about outcasts: They are all witches and/or Satanists. I am living proof that this is not true. I am not a witch nor do I worship Satan. Yet I have been singled out and asked if I was one because of how I look and who I choose to hang out with. This is a very ugly stereotype that adds to our "scariness". While there are some, still others are not. You can not lump us all together.

Yet another thing, people think that the "freaks" are not friendly. This is too wrong. These so-called freaks are the nicest people I have ever met. They embrace differences in others instead of shunning them. They allow for each person in their group to be themselves(whoever that may be). They donít force a certain personality down their throats. They are a lot more accepting than a lot of "normal" people I have encountered.

I hope that this dispels any rumors about "freaks". They too are worthwhile people and I am proud to be counted as one of them. I am not ashamed to be called an outcast or a freak. I love it. I will take it as a compliment because it means I am an individual.

I think we should all wake up and see that everyone is equal and no one should be put down because of the way they dress or act. It has ruined a number of lives and shouldn'tít have in the first place.

This is a final plea for sanity. Next time you are going to make fun of someone, remember that someday the tables may be turned. These "losers" could be more powerful than you. Just remember that we are all equal and should be treated as such. We are not scary people that should be pushed aside. I believe that these differences should be embraced. I mean how boring would life get without differences to spice it up. It would make many more people happy. I will leave you with this. We are all human beings and no matter what clothes you wear, what genre of music you listen to, or even who you are friends with, we are the same and have the same rights as anyone else. If anything they have a better view of life by being themselves by not following the crowd. They create their own crowd by their own standards.

- Sara Margavitch