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Important individuals in the life of anjelika6:

Character Sketches

Grandpop Born in 1921, he is older than I can ever comprehend being. However, he is by far the funniest senior citizen driver ever (ask us about road rage)!

Mom She kicks ass! But why? Oh yes, for two years she was able to take my shit - which is pretty good, since after two years the diapers would have been pretty rank.

Dad He is my mother's fourth child.

Brian The diamond in the rough I discovered over a year ago. He is my psychologist, my soulmate, my friend, my housekeeper, my secretary, my love, my life...

Sara She is the Mini-me to my Dr. Evil (awww). We are clones, twins, or the same person. Your call.

Michael The closest comparison I can attempt on this one is a hormone driven Cartman. Enough said.

Dena She, too, endured eighteen years in Glenside - for this we deserve a goddamn medal of honor!

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