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24 June 2000
Where can I get load?

Where can I get load?
S.M., Philadelphia

Well, the answer carries many options:

A-Go to any pubescent male and inquire of him "Can I get some load?". I guarantee he will accept your offer.

B-Go to a sperm bank, located in any major city, and ask for load.

C-Write the President:

William Jefferson Clinton
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington DC 20502

Specify you are young, female, have no gag reflex, and want load.

D-Go to the local branch of Nymphomaniacs Anonymous, and scream it loud: "I WANT LOAD!"

I guarantee following any of the above will get you load.
-the oracle at (phila)delphi(a)

A response from S.M.
I was talking about the fucking Metallica record, dipshit!

A response from the oracle
Oh - the Wall then.

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