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Exploits and Info of anjelika6:

Are You SURE You're Not In Pro Wrestling?
At age .5
Fell down grandmother's basement steps and fell backwards on my head. Since I didn't respond for quite a while, I scared the hell out of everyone.

At age 3
Fell backward while facing backward on chair - caused a late night dentist visit to pull out the remains of my tooth.

At age 5
Fell down the cement steps in back of my house drinking a can of plain seltzer water and cut my upper lip.

At age 8
Cut middle left finger 1/6 inch deep with a fairly sharp carving knife - still have scar.

At age 10
Coming home from school, I decided to cross without looking and got pushed out of the way (by a UPS truck). No damage, but I had to tell you this story because I find it to be the funniest event of my early childhood.

At age 11
Trying to use my brother's Little Tykes car (those fake plastic vehicles where you wheel yourself around like on the Flintstones) when the car and I flipped over, landing on my arm and spraining it.

At age 15
Stepped on what I believe to be a nail, which went through my shoe far into my foot. Required a week of limping and a tetanus shot.

Done by friend's idiot brother Left heel was ran over by his car AND bleeding due to his running into a pole.

Blackened thumbnail due to science experiment (sad part is I didn't even know)

Cut left hand due to sharp edge of school locker.

At age 17
Art class injuries: Cut by a linocut gouge and utility knife.

At age 18
In the middle of a tropical storm, I finally got back to my dorm room. Unfortunatly, as soon as I got there, I slipped - hitting my knees against one door post, head against the other, and arms, hip, and butt smooshed underneath (OUCH!)


My IQ is between 130 and 146 depending upon the test (most often put at 135). Hmmm...

My personality type is ENFJ aka the Teacher. Here is some info from


People like me are characterisized by the following:
We are only found in 2 to 3 percent of the world population.

More self-indulgence, please.