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Megalomania Strikes Again's Personal Info

In October 1999, anjelika6 began to seriously consider establishing a web presence for two reasons. She is a Graphic Design major who needs to augment her programming/web design skills and also because she has FAR too much time ! In any case, I was born on January 22, 2000 as "The Soapbox" - if anjelika6 is known for anything in life, it is how to talk at length on ANY issue thrown out at her. In any case, my name had to be changed to "Megalomania Strikes Again" because of the insanely large number of people using "The Soapbox" as their primary site title. So here I am - and thank you for paying attention to me :)

If you would like to hear anjelika6 speak on a topic (be aware her response may not be what you wish to hear) give her a topic and she will post her response.

More self-indulgence, please.